Gathering Times

Sunday School 9:45 A.M.

Worship 11 A.M.
Phone: (804) 730-1500

Sunday School Zoom

The Encouragers’ Class invites you to join us for Wednesday night Bible Study from 7:15-7:55 p.m. using the Zoom App or telephone dial-in (see instructions below).  Call Kathy Johnson (218-2717) or Steve Eggleton (496-0785) for more information.  The lesson dates and topics are listed in the monthly Newsletter (see link to The Beacon to the left.)


  • Already have the ZOOM App on your device? Skip to step 3.  Prefer to join by phone?  Skip to step 4.
  • To join by ZOOM App, you will first need to download and install the Zoom App on your smartphone or tablet or computer. Download from your App or Play store and follow the easy steps to install and open. Look for Zoom Cloud Meetings on your phone or on your computer. Select “Join with Video” so that we can see each other and “Join with Computer Audio” so we can hear each other.
  • Join the Zoom Meeting with this link and credentials:

Zoom Password: 2182717

  • To join by PHONE:
    1. Dial: 646 558 8656 (you will hear a recording “Welcome to Zoom ….” and ask for the meeting ID)
    2. Meeting ID: 668 418 8655 #
    3. You will hear a recording asking if you have a personal ID. Simply press # to skip this
    4. When asked for a password, press 218 2717

You will be asked to wait for the meeting host to admit you. You will be welcomed and introduced to all of the others on the call. It is a good idea to call in about 10 minutes early if possible.

May the Lord bless and keep you safe.